Gold Car


I photographed this gold car many times over several weeks during lockdown 4.0 in Melbourne in 2021.

A stolen, dumped BMW 323 someone had taken to with the spray paint. Returning to it day in, day out became my focus for photography, for daily walks, and for observing the incremental changes in my surroundings. There was a short film playing out in my mind and I felt compelled to discover and document the next chapter of decay and desecration while it sat, exposed to the elements, and shining like a broken jewel in the sunlight until the day I returned and discovered - it was gone.

Gold Car  was included in the 'Everyday Climate Crisis' Visual Petition, an initiative by photographer Hilary Wardhaugh. 

Selected works from the series received second place in the AUTO Photo Awards - Cars as Art Category, 2022. and has been exhibited at Motorsport UK 

Gold Car has also appeared in several publications in 2023 which can be viewed here.

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